About The Darling Diva

Hello!  I’m Tammie Ynda (aka “The Darling Diva”) and I’m one of the founding Consultants with Paparazzi Accessories.  I can honestly say this is the most fun I ever had!   I actually started wholesaling Paparazzi Accessories before they were even a Direct Sales Company, after visiting a booth at a Girls Night Out in Lehi, UT.  I was so excited by all the cute stuff and visited the booth several times to see it again and purchase more.  I remember feeling a spark of excitement that I had never felt about a business opportunity before.   You see… I’m a great customer of many direct sales companies and use their products faithfully, but I’ve never felt the “spark” to any!

So I tracked down the company and and inquired about wholesaling their cute products. Misty Kirby (one of Paparazzi’s founders) answered the phone and explained that they were working on turning their business into a Direct Sales company down the road but it was a ways off.  So, they were letting a handful of people purchase wholesale and I was thrilled to make the cut!

Fast forward to today… I’m thrilled to say my business is thriving and more exciting than ever. I’m am currently a Producer with the company and have achieved this success working part time. I am able to stay home with my daughter and I never miss any of her important events.  I still have time to volunteer in her class every week, be on the PTA Board, be her Girl Scout Leader, take her to dance and cooking classes and snuggle with her each night for bedtime stories…. these are such treasures in my life.  I also enjoy having time to spend with my hubby whom I’ve been married to for 13 happy years.

Before Paparazzi I spent 20 years working full time in Corporate America.  17 of those years were spent working for a well know hotel company as a Corporate Trainer, Software Testing Administrator and finally as the Training Manager.  They say a baby changes everything… and they were right!  In 2004, we were thrilled to learn we were expecting our daughter and I knew life would change forever.  But I had no idea how much… and what was ahead for our family. Near the end of my high risk pregnancy, my husband’s kidneys totally failed and he had to start dialysis immediately.  Getting adjusted to the treatments was very difficult and there were many ups and downs, but Jesse kept a positive outlook.  He continued dialysis for 5 long years as he waited for a kidney transplant.  Spending time with our beautiful new daughter (aka “The Little Darling Diva”) gave us a reason to smile and keep going.

After she was born…I went back to work for awhile… but it was breaking my heart that I wasn’t the one able to watch her during the day.  We waited for this special gift for many years and I was missing it!!  So, my hubby and I decided it was time for me to take the leap of faith and find a work from home opportunity.  It was scary to leave a stable career with benefits when my hubby was so sick… but I took that leap of faith and began offering freelance assistant services to bring in some extra money for our family.

On April 24, 2010, we got “the call” and learned that there was a kidney for Jesse from living donor who enrolled in the good samaritan program.  3 days later he received the transplant!  It was a scary and amazing time for everyone involved.  The first few months were really rough… but Jesse pulled through and is doing fantastic.  We just celebrated his 3rd  anniversary of transplant with his “kidney sister” and I’m thrilled to report that both of them are doing fantastic!  

In October that same year… we were blessed to find Paparazzi!  We are so grateful to have this solid business opportunity in our lives that allows me to be a full time mom with a part time business that brings in a full time salary. Thank you Paparazzi Accessories for changing our lives!

The secret to my success is the pure joy I feel for this company.  This joy fills my heart with excitement that

is naturally contagious at parties and events. I can’t help but share my love for this company with the new friends I meet. I love watching Paparazzi change peoples lives.