Every Month, I toss out a fun Promotion or incentive

to keep things fun and exciting!  Here is current Promo!!

Darling Diva’s Current Promotion

“HO HO HO” Holiday Dash!

Nov 1st - Dec 24th

The Darling Diva’s

Wall of Fame

Check out the our Darling Divas who have hit the Rank of Director or Above!!

Premier Directors

Barb Lamb

Leslie Mathis


Debbi Pettey

Wendy Olson

Deanna Franks

Heather Tyler

Michelle Sturtz

Dori Wick

Kim Hamilton

Jill Nielsen

Lucinda Sillito

Lora Acres

Kristen Miller

Kimberly Scafani

Michelle Adamson

Tips to increase your party bookings!

Offer an incentive for booking a party and selecting a date on the spot (at a current party).  I offer a free piece to both the hostess and the guest booking a party that night…then the hostess helps me talk up the promotion!

Think "outside the house" and consider taking parties to other venues, such as office buildings where your hostesses work, community centers, assisted living centers, the park, bowling alley, your local pizza shop, coffee and donut shop, small cafes and diners, church fellowship halls and daycare centers.

Contact past party hosts and offer them a bounce-back incentive to book another party. I offer extra hostess rewards to them… sometimes even double rewards!

Offer basket parties and shows-on-the-go for hostesses that are too busy to party at home!  These are great money makers with very little effort. Just drop off the goodie bag and pick it up a few days later!

Offer to let hostesses use your home to host their party to take the pressure off them.

Party in your trunk! (also known as a 'trunk show'). Take your party on the go: to the park, outdoor music festivals, sporting events, family reunions, neighborhood block parties, flea markets, community yard sale events, etc. The more people see your products, the more apt they are to book a party and sales will result as well!

Offer a Mystery Hostess party at your home and let someone earn all the hostess rewards.  I let all those who spend $20 earn an entry in the drawing to see who becomes the mystery hostess. My friends love it!

Finally.. Make sure to always have your hostess feeder form out to fill out so they can be entered into the drawing and let you know if they want to book!